Bedroom Makeover Refresh 2021

by Starr Simpson

Hey family!

Last year, we did a MASSIVE master bedroom makeover with HGTV’s Design At Your Door. Since then, we’ve made changes to our master bedroom to match the style we did for the rest of our house. We were keen on designing this space as spacious and bright as we could.

No Gray Please

First thing that we wanted to do in our master bedroom was get rid of ALL the gray. I hate gray. I hired a color consultant a few months back to come in and help me choose paint colors.

I landed on Olympic mountains by Benjamin Moore for our master bedroom as well as Alaskan Skies for the feature wall behind our bed. Those were the colors that we used in our master bedroom as well as the main level of our home. 

I chose those colors because I wanted to brighten up the space and add some warmth to the room as well. To me, the gray paint was just way too cold which was opposite to what I wanted the feel of the bedroom to be.

Taupe and Sheers

We replaced the outer white curtain panels with taupe patterned ones that we got from Half Price Drapes. I actually ended up taking out these textured white sheers because I just felt like the pattern clashed with the pattern in the taupe curtains. To compliment the colors of the curtains, we added a primary and secondary brass curtain rods for hanging.

Canopy Bed

I wanted to change the fact that we did not actually have a headboard. I know that our feature wall was supposed to be a headboard wall but to me it just made our bed feel insignificant. I wanted to add a headboard to our bed frame that really made our room feel like a suite. So, we chose a canopy bed because I thought that it would make a big impact in our room - and that it did!

Canopies are making a major comeback so I wanted to get in on that! David and I went back and forth on this because he thought that it would be a little too feminine but I think he likes how it turned out in the end – especially paired with other furniture like our unique nightstands and brass and glass lamps, I love it!

Slate Blue Beddings 

Now, on to the bedding. I really love white beddings and I had to get rid of that gray! I went with a white hypoallergenic comforter as the base of my bedding and then added a slate blue velvet comforter on top to give contrast to the lighter paint that we have in our room. Of course, for my decorative throws, I used Live&GatherCo. throw pillow covers. I have three 22x22 Annie Throw Pillow Covers, two 20x20 Brenda Pillow Covers and one custom sized Judy Pillow Cover.

Elegant Sitting Corner

The brass shim shelf in our sitting corner wasn't doing it for me so I took that down as well as changed out the floor lamp. The height of the old lamp felt a little too small for the corner and our slate blue armchair. Adding a brass floor lamp that has a little bit more height and width was the best way to go for proper scale. I also styled the corner with a white pedestal side table and round storage ottoman.

I also added a Live&Gather Co. scented candle and the Chevron Throw Blanket. I did away with the pillow because it just felt a little unnecessary and crowded. Overall, I like the simplicity of how it turned out.

We hope that you loved the updates that we've made to our bedroom. Our goal is to make our space feel warm, comfortable, and significant – I think we did it! It’s now one of my favorite rooms in the house. I enjoy it a lot better and definitely love the fact that it includes many of our Live&Gather pieces

To see in detail how we decorated our master bedroom, you can watch the full video below: