PROJECT REVEAL! | Chic and Cozy: A Casual Modern Kitchen Renovation

by Starr Simpson

Itching to ditch that builder-basic kitchen? I’ve got just the inspiration you need for your space with my kitchen project reveal 🤍

A lovely couple in Marietta, Georgia, reached out to me when they felt their new construction kitchen lacked personality. They wanted a space that blended seamlessly with the rest of their home—something that acted as a show-stopper in their open-floor plan. And for that, they wanted to connect with an Atlanta interior designer. That’s when they got in touch with us—and my team obliged.

I’ve been eagerly anticipating sharing this kitchen project with you all—and will take this blog post as the opportunity to do so. Let’s get started!

The Client’s Vision for the Project

The couple purchased a new construction home in 2023. They kept their selections with the builder minimal because they weren’t impressed with their options. Instead, they wanted a more customized design that they knew they could get working with an Atlanta interior designer later. 

We absolutely love helping our clients decide what they want for their kitchen renovation. But this lovely couple was straight and clear on their goals, which means we could get started with the project a lot sooner. They put them out for us as: 



  • A design that “completes” their home—one that is cohesive with the existing design language in other completed spaces.
  • The “Wow” factor. While these clients appreciated a simple color palette, they also wanted a visually striking kitchen in their open floor plan.
  • Warm and honey. A space that invites relaxation and socialization.

We first appreciated their taste in design—and then got straight to work!

The Design Concept

Because my clients appreciated a laid-back color palette, I knew I had to add that wow factor with something other than vibrant hues. For this project, it was shapes, patterns, textures, and contrast. These helped create a calming yet dynamic and interesting design.

My favorite way to do this was with the statement globe lighting. The pendant lights over the kitchen island were a mix of black, white, and brass finishes—adding diversity to the space. I then proceeded to layer texture with the counter stools. Think cozy boucle fabric for the upholstery, leather straps, and wooden accents. The three different textures used here really amplified the warmth of the kitchen.


Last but definitely not the least (don’t judge them by size), the cabinet knobs played a significant role. My team chose black leather and brass cabinet knobs—the contrast they had against the white and Homburg Gray cabinets was just what I was looking for to create a subtle statement.

The Color Story

My clients were looking for a relaxing atmosphere—and I knew colors were to play a role here. We provided them with a material board with the palette first to have a look and feel of what we’ll be getting, and that’s exactly what my team did.

The end result was an affair of neutral and warm hues. One that retained the feel of a modern kitchen, but was equal parts inviting.

The primary color for the scheme was SW Pure White. This was a light neutral color that set the base for all other hues. I like to call this shade a blank canvas to build on to. As a bonus, the white color creates an illusion of more space—and cleanses the environment.

Next, I wanted to add a pop of color without clashing with the existing fixed elements. And so, my team used SW Homburg Gray for the kitchen cabinets. This is a beautiful neutral cool gray with heavy green undertones—and beautifully served the purpose. (Also why we like to call this project a subtle green kitchen).

Because one of our clients’ goals was coherence throughout the home, we leveraged black accents for the purpose. These were found in virtually all rooms of the home—and so, we continued them in the kitchen for the perfect amount of contrast. Finally, wood and brass touches rounded out our design, providing a balance of warmth. In addition to diversifying colors, they incorporated a beautiful hint of Mother Nature. 

Let’s Talk About Tile!

The tiles for this project totally stole the show. See the image above to get what I mean 😉

We used an emerald geometric tile to build the rest of the kitchen design off of. The details in this tile can’t be captured accurately on camera. It has a crackled finish with color variations and a subtle shimmer that is so beautiful in person. (Initially, we were designing away from white cabinetry, but once we fell in love with this green tile we felt white cabinetry would help it to really shine!).

But the design story didn’t end there. We also used mixed backsplash for visual intrigue. On the adjacent wall, we created “peek-a-boo” moment with a dramatic fluted marble tile in the coffee nook. We decided to inverse the color scheme here; Homburg Gray (green) cabinets against a backsplash with a white background, and gray and gold veining. Absolutely stunning!

And, That’s a Wrap!

I hope you enjoyed walking through my kitchen project reveal as much as I did putting it together for you! If you’re looking for Atlanta interior design services that bring your vision to reality, we’re here to help. My team offers interior design services—and would be delighted to bring them to your home. Book a discovery call today and find out if we’re the perfect match for you!

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